Network infrastructure

Most businesses rely on a network infrastructure to keep things running smoothly. The main goal of high-functioning network infrastructures is to speed up and simplify all processes that depend on computers. Highpoint can help maintain your current hardware and software, upgrade to new technology, or install entirely new systems. 


Fiber Installation, Testing, And Termination

Fiber-optic internet is one of the fastest and most reliable forms of the internet that you can acquire. This new technology dramatically increases the speed that data can be sent. Fiber-based networks require precise install and testing to check for any damage or defect. These systems are delicate and need specially trained technicians to ensure the network will run efficiently. Once installed, we are also able to help with the termination of the network. Our technicians can terminate to your facilities’ wall outlets, modems or even establish direct connections to specific equipment. Fiber is also now available in many homes. Highpoint can help determine if it’s possible for your structure and help with the setup


MDF and IDF: Highpoint designers are ready to help you engineer, design, and install MDF and IDFs into your business. The Main Distribution Frame (MDF) may not be a requirement for your building, but it can help simplify the presence of wires, routers, and other connections in working spaces. Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDF) can be routed to the MDF from across large warehouses or between floors of a multi-level facility. The IDF helps run essential lines from the MDF to areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach. The presence of distribution frames can significantly help with the resolution of IT issues, help maintain the network infrastructure, and even improve the appearance of your business.
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